Scheduled to arrive soon at Manderbach Ford, the 2019 Ford Edge is the SUV for pump-phobic customers who crave maximum fuel efficiency combined with style, features, and performance. In fact, the 2019 Ford Edge might just be one of the most high-tech vehicles in its class.

One big way that the 2019 Ford Edge seeks to save owners big bucks is through improved traction that reduces fuel consumption. In fact, this subcompact crossover does this via a new system called all-wheel drive (AWD) disconnect. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, AWD disconnect can switch almost instantaneously between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. In that instant between the switch, the 2019 Ford Edge model’s AI analyzes variables like vehicle speed, road conditions, and wheel slip, and it selects the drivetrain that fits its final analysis.

And AWD disconnect isn’t the only way the 2019 Ford Edge achieves admirable gas mileage. This SUV also integrates innovative approaches such as exhaust gas recirculation, active transmission warm-up, and deceleration fuel shutoff, all of which combine to save gas whenever possible. Active transmission warm-up is part of the 2019 Ford Edge model’s new eight-speed automatic transmission, which features two overdrive gears that boost fuel efficiency on the highway.

For those of our customers wondering what “active transmission warm-up” is, here’s the scoop. This innovation warms up the transmission via reclaimed heat energy. It also incorporates a special transmission fluid developed especially for the 2019 Ford Edge. Combined, these advancements reduce transmission component friction, thereby saving gas. It’s a great creation, and one we won’t be surprised to see on future Ford cars near Kutztown, PA.

The 2019 Ford Edge will be here before you know it. Set your navigation for “car dealers near me” and get the inside track today!